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Marla is a fearless guide. She is both fierce and tender in her delivery. Whether she’s sharing structured curriculum or holding space for personal and vulnerable breakthroughs, she does it with grace, inspiring authenticity and impeccability..”

Dana Balicki

Transformational Coach, Change-Maker, & Modern Mystic

Marla is a powerful, loving, creative force. Her work with clients is filled with loving intention, creating a safe space for participants to reflect and move past the boundaries they don’t need anymore. An inspirational and inspiring force indeed!

Jennifer Cendaña Armas

Performer, Writer, Educator

I came to Marla wanting to finally break through my money issues. I had been enjoying respect and success in my work, but I still struggled with getting paid. Working with Marla led me to a significant breakthrough – a deep understanding that I am still in awe of today. She helped me see the true meaning behind my unproductive patterns, and gave me the tools to light a new path. I can’t say enough about how helpful it has been to have her as a friend and guide!

J Alison Fornés

I’ve participated in Marla’s women’s empowerment retreat and worked with her as my personal life coach for almost a year. Being part of the retreat was a powerful experience, Marla put together a program which was able to reach our group of women wherever we were in our life’s journey. The exercises helped us bond with one another quickly & in a real way allowing us to be free to share in small groups to assess our personal challenges and create paths to real change for ourselves. The inner growth I experienced and witnessed from the other women was real and tangible.

I truly enjoyed the time that I worked with Marla as my life coach, her approach to this work was one that was very empowering for me. The homework assignments were very thoughtful and pushed me to move pass some long held limiting beliefs. On our calls she asked the important questions for me to come up with the solutions I was looking for to what was going on in my life at the time. She’s relatable, patient, compassionate & extremely insightful. As I write this and I’m reminded of the work I’ve done with Marla it makes me want to participate in another one of her programs!.”

Cheryl Browne

Mother, Entrepreneur, Co-owner Duende Natural, owner Urban Permie

“Working with Marla has provided me with the tools to identify not only what is standing in my way, but also how to create significant manageable shifts. On her Pause and Play retreat, she set the tone of love and self care for women of color. She made us feel taken care of and assured us that though there might be difficult, soul searching exercises, that there would be tenderness towards us and would encourage us to be tender towards ourselves. I believe this work is not “extracurricular” but essential to our survival as women, but especially as women of color. I have made significant shifts in my life through her influence, and look forward to further work with her!”

Tanya Everett

Actor, Writer

“Marla has a unique gift for creating sacred space that allows you to get in touch with your deepest longings, unspoken dreams, and emotional blocks that get in the way of creating the life you desire. Her workshops and coaching style are the perfect balance of rigor, personal inquiry, creativity, and play.”

JLove Calderón

Conscious TV/ Film creator, producer, Director, Co-Founder & CEO of JLove & M1 Productions, LLC

Marla is a soul awakening vessel. She is driven from life experiences and open to sharing how to discover your next venture. She is someone that has the ability to scan her client. Sometimes it is scary, quite frankly. She comforts when she knows you’re uneasy and allows you the room to scream, cry, and rebel. She’s so easy to speak with and helps articulate the emotions, fears, and hopes that have been living inside of me. Marla is someone I think we all need on speed dial.”

Sha Roehm

Mother and Entrepreneur

“Marla Teyolia is a powerful, nurturing, and inspirational life coach and her retreat was invigorating and inspiring to say the least. The variety of experiences from yoga to journaling, goal setting and delicious tasting and healthy food, addressed the body, mind and soul. Her retreat allowed me to tap into my power and gave me the information and support I needed to gain clarity and move forward. I highly recommend the Ignite your Shift retreat to anyone who is searching for direction and answers.”

Chantel Adams

I participated in the first Ignite Your Shift Retreat in 2016. I admired Marla’s authenticity, strength, and empathy – qualities that enabled her to thoughtfully hold space, yet challenge, each of the participants to dig deeper, to reach higher. I left the retreat humbly aware of my power, inspired to live out my core values, and equipped with practical tools to shift every area of my life. Of these, visioning and goal setting have been particularly valuable as I build my first home. More importantly, I started on a mindfulness journey that is leading me to embrace change and seek opportunities in the midst of challenges, all while being intentional in nurturing joy.”nswers.”

Wambui Mutoru

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